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    • Export Excellence (ExporTech) provided Rekluse a great platform to formalize our export program. As a result of the program and the resources we connected with, we were able to implement a comprehensive strategy and meet our growth goals.

      Alison Kelsey of Rekluse & Idaho District Export Council
    • “The Lean Six Sigma instructors did a great job and their industry experience was priceless. It was clear that the guys have walked in my shoes and not just read a book.”

      Bud Condee Values TechHelp Experienced Team
    • Things take twice as long and cost twice what you expect. Moving from prototype to production is not as easy as one would think.
      Be hands-on through every part of the process to get the outcome you desire. It’s been a ton of fun. Even if we failed I would do it again in a second!

      Butter Bay Boss, Jerry Scarrow, on Innovation
    • Here at Boise State innovation is a culture that you’re building. And your’re also partnering with companies to do two things – you help students graduate with skills that employers are looking for, and you help employees pick up the skills they need to advance on the job…it’s contributing to the economic development of the city and the state as well as being good for the students.

      Barack Obama, President of the United States of America
    • Usful Glassworks

      “I’m not an expert in manufacturing and I don’t have internally paid engineers to help solve manufacturing problems so I needed a resource that would truly listen to what we needed and then work with me on cost-effective solutions that would fit within my budget. Thank goodness TechHelp was there to help us when we needed it.”

      Carlyn Blake, Executive Director of Ūsful Glassworks
    • Jeff and Heather did a great job of helping us meet our goal of becoming one of the few companies in our industry to be SQF 2000 Level II Certified for food-grade ingredient manufacturing, sanitation and distribution.

      Phil Johnson, Chairman & CEO, BHS Specialty Chemicals
    • Without TechHelp, Rekluse and the Z-Start Clutch would not exist.

      Al Youngwerth, Owner/Inventor/CEO, Rekluse Motorsports
    • Melni Connector

      “I wonder what Tesla or Edison might have done with a resource like the TechHelp New Product Development Team at Boise State. Without this great resource, the Melni Connector would still be just an idea in my head. They’re knowledgeable and provide a range of unique services at a decent price. It’s been a pleasure working with them! The ONLY source for true innovation in bringing our invention to market is the TechHelp NPD Lab at Boise State.”

      Mark Melni, Inventor of the Melni Connector
    • “We appreciate all that TechHelp has done for us. Dave O’Connell has been a huge help! When we get this compressor system project behind us, we’ll have a conversation about lighting.”

      Nathan McMasters, President, Formerly of Diversified Metal Products
    • Export Excellence opened our eyes to what we didn’t know and caused us to build a long-term export plan for Rekluse. The expertise and support we received is remarkable and the export resources available to us have exploded!

      Joe DeGano, Former Sales & Marketing Manager, Rekluse
    • “Besides the obvious things excellent Lean training can do, what stood out most was that the LECP training class was more like a boot camp. Old habits were stripped away and replaced with new and improved habits learned through the practical hands on training methods incorporated in the class.”

      Mark Cahill
      Co-founder, The Lancair Company (now a division of Cessna Aircraft Corporation)

      Mark Cahill Co-founder, The Lancair Company ( a division of Cessna Aircraft Corporation)
    • “Lean Manufacturing has given Standlee Hay the tools to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace. It really helps you think outside of the box.”

      Dusty Standlee, Chief Operating Officer, Standlee Hay
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