Congratulations to Melni Connectors for Landing Shark Investor, Mark Cuban

Mark Melni of Melni Connectors
Melni Connectors of Twin Falls, Idaho entered the ABC Shark Tank on Friday, April 17 in an attempt to land a shark to help fund development of the company’s unique line of electrical

Melni Connector

A host of product design considerations led to the final configuration of the Melni Connector.

connectors.  After some spirited give and take, investor, Mark Cuban took the bait to the tune of $500,000 for 12% of the company. Cuban added that if Melni Connectors began to grow he could invest an additional million dollars.

Learn more about Melni’s time in the tank at the links below:
Melni’s swim through the Shark Tank was just the latest high-profile gig for the company.  The Melni Connector received royal treatment from President Obama at the New Product Development Lab at Boise State in January. The President seemed sold on the connector.

President Obama Holds Melni Connector While Addressing Lab Manager, Calvin Allan, and Lab Specialist, Chris Brown with Dean Amy Moll in Background.

President Obama holds a Melni Connector while addressing NPD Lab Manager, Calvin Allan, and Lab Specialist, Chris Brown with COEN Dean Amy Moll just behind the President’s left shoulder.

TechHelp worked closely with Melni to design, develop, prototype and test his family of unique electrical connector products.  TechHelp recognized Melni with its Spirit of Continuous Innovation Award in October of 2014 during National Manufacturing Day at Idaho’s TECenter.
With inspiration from the ancient Chinese Finger Trap, Melni connectors are the fastest most efficient way to connect wires.  The goal is to completely eliminate crimp connectors. Melni products are changing the standards in electrical connection technology. The patented devices are revolutionizing the electrical industry by offering a faster, safer, and cost-effective way to transfer power. These innovative alternatives were designed to allow for quick and reliable connectivity without the need for specialized tools or timely processes.