23 Oct 2019 - 01: pm to 23 Oct 2019 - 04: pm

Post Falls, ID 83854

 Registration is Open

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Effective Program Management Course

Managing Multiple Projects with Constrained Resources

Presented by Inland Northwest Aerospace Consortium

Led By Gene Hamacher of TechHelp and the University of Idaho

Manufacturing Specialist, Gene Hamacher, of TechHelp and the University of Idaho will teach a course on Effective Program Management beginning October 9 at the UI Research Park in Post Falls, Idaho. The course will run from 1-4 pm on the Wednesdays of October 23, 30 & November 6, 2019.

This course will focus on managing multiple projects and will dive deep into the needed skills & techniques to deal with conflicting priorities, team & group dynamics, and tracking performance metrics.

The target audience for this class is anyone tasked with juggling multiple projects in an official management position or not.  The class will spend some time focusing on leadership styles and how to influence others.

Course Fees & Registration

  • The course fee is $500/person or $400 for INWAC members who enter the coupon code. (see below for instructions)
  • To get the INWAC coupon code, registration assistance, special needs, food requests, or questions, contact Jane Hokanson at 208-426-3820 or janehokanson@techhelp.org.
  • For specific course information, contact Gene Hamacher at 208-449-8053 or genehamacher@techhelp.org.
  •  Registration is Open


Topics Include:

Resource Constraint Management

  • Discuss the “real” vs. “perceived” constraints within a company
  • Identify opportunities for projects to implement strategic goals vs tactical needs
  • Map out the required inputs & outputs for successful project management

Selecting Between Multiple Projects/Opportunities

  • Develop prioritization rules and align with Prioritization Matrices
  • Map out “what if” scenarios and their impact using Relationship Diagrams
  • Evaluate project necessity & priorities, based on strategic alignment

Program Management Organization Structure

  • Explore the pros/cons of centralized vs. decentralized Program Management
  • Discuss company culture and the impact on implementing change
  • Evaluate personal leadership styles, and their pros/cons

Group Dynamics and Conflict Management

  • Identify the characteristics of effective teams & how to manage conflict
  • Review the stages of team development and methods to enable team growth
  • Learn how to utilize various sources of power, to influence team behavior

Effective Methods for Change Management

  • Determine relevant metrics/KPI’s for tracking progress across multiple projects
  • Review the difference between Value Added & Non-Value Added activities.
  • Identify barriers to adopting change for stakeholders using Prioritization Matrices

Standard Work Methods for Leadership

  • Discuss effective communication methods for project status
  • Practice learning through reflection, using Toyota Kata methods
  • Learn how to effectively capture “Lessons Learned” from project activities



Gene Hamacher of TechHelp and the University of Idaho.

Gene Hamacher of TechHelp and the University of Idaho.

Manufacturing Specialist Gene Hamacher of TechHelp and the University of Idaho is based at the University of Idaho Research Park in Post Falls. He is offering assistance to Idaho manufacturers across northern Idaho from the Canadian border south into the Lewiston area.

Prior to joining TechHelp, Gene was an Instructor at DeVry University where he taught online courses on Production Control Methods and Lean Manufacturing/JIT. He was also an Instructor for ITT Educational Services, Inc. where he taught classes on Business Management, Project Management, Mathematics & Problem Solving, and Electronics. At Lane Community College, Gene provided classes and advising for small business owners and focused primarily on agricultural businesses and production processes. Gene was Director of Support Services at Triumph Composite Systems; a $70m production facility. Gene started his career at Boeing in Spokane as a Senior Production Manager responsible for leading and managing Production Operations, Maintenance, and Technical support organizations.

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