Build Your Food Safety Plan with the Idaho Food Safety Cooperative – $5,000 Value – FREE!

Write Your FSMA Compliant Food Safety Plan – The Idaho Food Safety Cooperative Starts August 14 @ Boise State

The Idaho Food Safety Cooperative (IFSC) Program is a GIFT to small food manufacturers that is worth nearly $5000. Funded by a grant for a limited time, the program includes:

  1. Free Food Safety Gap Assessment of your operation – $400
  2. Free enrollment in FSPCA Course & PCQI Certification – $850
  3. Free training and templates needed to create your FSMA Compliant Food Safety Plan – $2400
  4. Six complimentary hours of 1-1 consulting to help you create and complete your FS plan – $1000

As of September 2018, ALL food processors, including small ones, are REQUIRED to have a food safety plan that includes an analysis of hazards and risk-based preventive controls to minimize or prevent identified hazards. The Idaho State Department of Agriculture is preparing to conduct audits on behalf of the FDA. This means that you are more likely to be audited in the coming year(s) than you were before.

We are looking for six small food manufacturers willing to take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the first cohort of our IFSC. The course begins on August 14 at Boise State and will meet for 6-afternoon sessions. You will come away from the program with everything you need to create a Food Safety Plan that puts you in compliance with new regulations of the Food Safety Modernization Act

“This is a REALLY exciting opportunity for small food companies to receive the instruction, templates, and coaching needed to complete a FSMA compliant food safety plan – For FREE!”
Catherine Cantley,  Food Processing Specialist with TechHelp and Assistant Professor at the University of Idaho School of Food Science will lead the IFSC Program.  

If you are ready to create your plan, WE CAN HELP!  We are looking for six small food manufacturers to participate in the first cohort of our Idaho Food Safety Cooperative (IFSC). The course begins August 14 at Boise State and will meet for 6-afternoon sessions on 8/14, 8/28, 9/11, 9/25, 10/16, 11/6.


  • Bring up to 3 people from your company to move through the program in parallel with a cohort of 4-5 other companies. (At least 1 team member must attend each session)
  • Develop your company’s food safety plan collaboratively during 6-afternoon sessions.
  • Between classes, you will have access to 1-1 Expert Coaching as you work on your plan at your facility.
  • Learn about FSMA and the components of a food safety plan.
  • Participate in simulation activities to practice documentation, auditing, and writing policies & procedures.  

You will come away from the course with a comprehensive food safety plan that will include all the FDA-Required sections, as per the FSMA rule.

The $2,400 cost of this program WILL BE REFUNDED if you COMPLETE the program and your food safety plan. We will provide up to 6 hours of 1-1 consulting to help you complete your plan!


  • Small food processing companies with fewer than 100 employees and less than $1 Million in Gross Revenue.
  • Each company team must include at least one person with PCQI training. (Enroll a person in our PCQI course in Caldwell July 31 – Aug 1 FREE) **
  • Each company must complete a FREE TechHelp Food Safety Gap Assessment before class. (We can help with this) **

** Contact Catherine Cantley to find out how you can complete PCQI training & a Gap Assessment prior to this program.

Course Schedule: 1-5 PM at Boise State University

  • August 14 – Workshop 1: Food Safety Program Management
  • August 28 – Workshop 2: Food Safety Program Basics
  • September 11 – Workshop 3: Assessing Food Safety Risk
  • September 25 – Workshop 4: Building Your Food Safety Plan- Part 1
  • October 16 – Workshop 5: Building Your Food Safety Plan- Part 2
  • November 6 – Workshop 6: Building a Recall Plan

If you have any questions about the program or need additional information, please contact Catherine Cantley at 208-426-2181 or