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Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a well-known approach to achieving operational excellence that does more than simply improve production processes. LSS combines the process improvement benefits of Lean with the statistical process control (SPC) benefits of Six Sigma. It takes advantage of the “value-added” focus of Lean while maintaining the statistical rigors of Six Sigma. TechHelp’s LSS Green Belt (LSSGB) Workshop Series includes four full-day training sessions. There are three weeks between sessions for participants to complete project work that is a vital part of the LSSGB program.

Location & Dates (8 am – 5 pm Daily)

The class will meet for full-day sessions at the Hilton Garden Inn, Boise. New class dates are 9/17,10/8, 10/29, and 11/19

We are constantly trying to engage our people in their own work processes and empowering them to create change. Lean Six-Sigma is extremely powerful in developing the improvement mindset and changing the way we identify, tackle, and overcome challenges. These challenges quickly become our companies strengths and competitive advantages. David Beilke, Quality Engineering Manager, Operations at Cradlepoint
Nampa Fall 2019 LSS Graduates display their Certificates of Completion.

 About the Course

  • Participants will learn the principles of Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma using the DMAIC process.
  • Experienced Lean Six Sigma practitioners teach the classes and support participants in their project work.
  • Course material, simulations, and exercises are relevant to the regional industry.
  • LSS project work allows the participant to apply class learning to an actual project in their organization.
  • Successful participants will receive a completion certificate from an Idaho University.
  • Class size of 20 (max) ensures quality class time and project supervision.

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Keep up the good work. I will definitely recommend new people to this Lean Six Sigma Class. Participant from Best Bath Systems

Course Curriculum

LSSGB Day 1 Class Session: “Define” Phase – Introduction to Lean, Six Sigma & Lean Six Sigma concepts. How to kick off your project with effective Problem Statements, a SIPOC map, Voice of the Customer, Charters, and data collection tips.

LSSGB Day 2 Class Session: “Measure” Phase – How to measure process performance and determine two important aspects of any process, capability, and stability. An introduction to Standard Deviation, using histograms with upper and lower spec limits, using Control Charts and understand Common vs. Special cause variation in a process. The course uses QI macros software (an Excel add-on) to make this all easy.

LSSGB Day 3 Class Session: “Analyze” Phase – Discuss problem-solving and root cause analysis experience and give feedback and advice on alternative methods. Discuss common problems that are often encountered when collecting and analyzing data, and provide methods to avoid or minimize these problems. Introduction to basic statistical analysis tools, scatter plots and hypothesis testing, and in-class exercises to practice using these tools on sample data.

Dave O’Connell of TechHelp and Idaho State University leads a Lean Six Sigma classroom session.

LSSGB Day 4 Session: “Improve/Control” Phase

  • How to plan and implement successful Improvement events (Kaizen).
  • Revisit the House of Lean, review the Lean tools – 5S, Visual Workplace, Standard Work, Kanbans and Two Bin Systems, Quality at the Source, and Mistake Proofing.
  • How to sustain the improvements made with effective Leadership practices and statistical tools.
  • How Teams Work.
  • Students will present where they are at on their project and their next steps to complete their project.
  • Finally, there will be a course evaluation, and then certificates will be provided for completed class & project work.

Course Fees and Information

  • Fee: $1125/person for two or more people registering from the same company at the same time or $1250/per person. The fee covers all sessions, training materials, project support, venues, & food.
  • Members of ASQ are eligible for an additional 10% discount if they enter the discount code of ASQ during checkout.
  • Scholarships from the USDA are available for small rural companies. Contact TechHelp’s Gene Hamacher to see if you qualify. Cell Phone: 208-449-8053 or email
  • Frequently Asked Questions?
  • For course content or registration questions, please contact Gregg Lynde at 208-426-3852 or
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