Congratulations to 2019 Lean Six Sigma Graduates

The TechHelp Operational Excellence Team capped off a successful 2019 with a ceremony honoring graduates of the Fall Lean Six Sigma Course at the Idaho Business Accelerator in Nampa.

Happy Graduates of LSS Nampa 2019 display their completion certificates.

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a well-known approach for achieving operational excellence that combines the process improvement benefits of Lean with the statistical process control (SPC) benefits of Six Sigma. It takes advantage of the “value-added” focus of Lean while maintaining the statistical rigors of Six Sigma.

Dave O’Connell of TechHelp & Idaho State University leads a LSS session in Nampa.

The course series included four full-day training sessions with three weeks between sessions for participants to complete project work at their place of business. Actually implementing and using LSS is an essential part of the LSSGB program. TechHelp’s OE team members worked closely with LSS participants to choose, implement, and evaluate their LSS projects.

Let us know if you are interested in LSS or Operational Excellence by completing our Interest Form or contacting your local Manufacturing Specialist:

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