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If your company is trying to manufacture best-in-class quality food products, this program is for YOU! Join Food Scientist Catherine Cantley of TechHelp and the University of Idaho for a fascinating exploration of the sensory side of food production.

Catherine Cantley leads a popular  Sensory and Consumer Science Presentation.
Catherine Cantley leads a popular Sensory and Consumer Science Presentation.

The appearance, flavor, and texture of food are primary indicators of your customers’ purchase behavior and perception of value. While we have benchtop and inline systems to measure attributes, such as color and moisture, many of us don’t know how to objectively measure our critical-to-quality sensory attributes.

A well-tuned sensory program will help you reduce customer complaints and build brand loyalty. In fact, it is at the heart of where you set your product and process limits. This means sensory is crucial to ensuring your customers receive the quality they love and expect. In this course, you will learn how to integrate sensory into your existing continuous improvement, quality, and food safety programs. Participants will learn how to implement, manage, and maintain sensory quality validation and shelf life programs.

This course is not just another boring webinar. It is designed around a learn-and-apply model. Each participant will get a kit for hands-on activities that will reinforce the concepts learned. He or she will walk away with practical skills that can be applied immediately.

Who Should Take This Course: 

  • Anyone who needs to manage or develop their company’s quality program
  • Anyone who is interested in gaining more knowledge of the regulatory and GFSI requirements for sensory and shelf life programs
  • Example roles include: Quality Assurance personnel, Production Management/Supervisor, Production/Plant Management, Product Developers

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to use sensory to measure appearance, flavor, basic taste, and texture at key operating points
  • Use scales to more objectively measure sensory quality, improving repeatability and reproducibility
  • Understand how sensory can be used to minimize customer complaints and brand damage
  • Integrate a sensory program into existing continuous improvement, quality, and food safety programs
  • Understand how to use sensory and consumer data to define critical-to-quality (CTQ) attributes
  • Understand how to set up and manage a training program
  • Understand how to meet GFSI regulatory requirements related to shelf-life testing

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Catherine is a Food Processing Specialist with TechHelp and Assistant Professor at the University of Idaho School of Food Science. She has expertise in food manufacturing, process engineering, product optimization, food safety, and sensory and consumer science. She has worked in both the retail sector and the foodservice sector, so she can help you meet the needs of your customer(s).

Catherine Cantley is a Food Processing Specialist with TechHelp and Assistant Professor at the University of Idaho School of Food Science. Catherine earned a B.S. in Biological Systems Engineering from Washington State University and an M.S. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Purdue University. 

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