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You are busy running your organization and may not have the time or resources needed to implement key operational improvements. We can help!

Dave O’Connell, Gene Hamacher, and Gregg Lynde of the TechHelp Operational Excellence Team at the 2017 ITD Leadership Summit at Boise State.

Dave O’Connell, Gene Hamacher and Gregg Lynde of TechHelp’s Operational Excellence (OE) Team can help you produce more efficiently and with higher quality. Our team of trusted advisors has experience in all phases of manufacturing.

Why Do Companies Work with TechHelp?

We Are Experienced – With years of practical industry experience, our Operational Excellence Specialists combine advanced degrees with access to university-based resources.

We Are Trusted Advisors Who Listen – We build respectful relationships with our clients and implement solutions that are right for you.

We Drive Self-Sufficiency – Our goal is to help your team become self-sufficient.

We Connect – Our local specialists maintain relationships with public and private resources that can be brought in if needed for expertise or capacity.

We Are Local –  We are your friends and neighbors working to make your company and our communities more successful today and tomorrow.

PSI wants its employees to be as successful as possible at their everyday tasks. At the same time, we want them to be efficient in how they do those tasks.  Dave O’Connell of TechHelp and Idaho State University helped get PSI to this place. Traig Jones, Plant Manager, Packaging Specialties of Idaho, Burley

Our Process:

  1. Our work begins with a visit to learn about and assess your operations.
  2. We follow-up with recommendations for high-value improvements.
  3. We develop a scope of work that includes a timeline, budget, and deliverables that are customized to your unique needs.
  4. We meet regularly with your leadership team to advance the project and make adjustments as needed.
  5. As your local trusted advisors, we are available for ongoing assistance, coaching, and improvement assistance.

Our Results Include:

  • Employee retention.
  • Revenue growth.
  • Reductions in lead time.
  • Improved floor space utilization.
  • Increased inventory turns.
  • Improved quality.

For more information, contact our team.

Our Services & Workshops:

We work with you to identify improvement opportunities and work with your team to implement solutions within your organization.  Our public and private workshops are designed to teach you how to lead improvements that drive positive Return On Investment (ROI).

Lean Transformation

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Lean Transformation is a continuous improvement methodology that empowers employees to create customer value and cut waste. In today’s highly competitive global market, few firms survive by wasting time, money and resources or by having had poor customer service.

The Lean Enterprise cuts waste and meets customer demand. It gets the right things, to the right people, at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities while being flexible and open to change.

TechHelp has helped with Lean Transformations at Idaho organizations such as QTI Sensing Solutions,  Diversified Metal ProductsLitehouse Foods, Great American Appetizers, Woodgrain Millwork, Quest Aircraft, FAMCO, and Idaho Wrecker Sales.

These companies win business by continually adding value to their products and services.

Contact any member of our Operational Excellence Team or complete a short form to request a free site visit & assessment of your operation.

Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a proven methodology that produces continuous improvement and measurable results in healthcare, manufacturing, government, and other industries. Six Sigma reduces sources of process variation to improve repeatability and quality. TechHelp offers Six Sigma information, training, and implementation assistance.

Fall 2019 LSS Nampa Graduates show off their completion certificates.

TechHelp was great.  They used a no-nonsense approach to learning the material.  I personally enjoyed the classroom exercises to drive home the information. Other technical people might enjoy a deeper dive into the math behind the statsBasic American Foods, Shelly, Idaho

Let Us Know if You’d Like to See a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Workshop Series in Your Organization or Area!

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course Flyer

Contact any member of our Operational Excellence Team or complete a short form to request a free site visit & assessment of your operation.

Operations Leadership

Effective leadership is the key to a successful Operational Excellence initiative. In working with a variety of organizations over the years, TechHelp specialists have identified leadership traits, skills, and techniques that organizations can use to improve the odds of success.

Learn more about Operations Leadership here.

Contact any member of our Operational Excellence Team or complete a short form to request a free site visit & assessment of your organization’s leadership needs.

Train the Trainer (TWI)

Companies that hire, train, and keep great employees can be competitive in today’s global marketplace.  Businesses that Train their Trainers using the methodology of  Training Within Industry or TWI have consistently increased productivity, reduced training times, and improved morale.  TWI is a dynamic program that uses a learn-by-doing approach to teaching essential skills for supervisors and team leaders from all industries.

TWI is composed of three programs: Job Relations, Job Instruction, and Job Methods. These programs work together to help supervisors build and maintain positive employee relations, train workers to quickly remember how to perform jobs correctly and safely and conscientiously improve the ways in which people do their jobs.

Learn more about TWI here. 

Contact any member of our Operational Excellence Team or complete a short form to request a free site visit & assessment of training needs.

Quality Management Systems

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO),  based in Geneva, Switzerland,  has created international standards that make things work.  They give world-class specifications for products, services, and systems, to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency and can be instrumental in facilitating international trade.  ISO has published more than 19,500 International Standards covering industries such as technology, food safety, agriculture, and healthcare.  Most companies adopt ISO standards to meet the requirements of their customers and supply chain and to demonstrate that they operate at the highest standards of their industry.

TechHelp specialists help companies find the right resources to achieve ISO certification.

Contact any member of our Operational Excellence Team or complete a short form to request a free site visit and an assessment of your organization and your quality needs.

We thought we’d never be certified and had tried several different avenues that never came together for us. Dave O’Connell assessed our needs and went to work for us. He helped us find and secure state funding that put us in a position to commit to the project and then lined up the resources we needed to prepare for and achieve our ISO Certification.  Dave was extremely helpful throughout the process and made this possible with his expert guidance and recommendations.Jeanie Reimer, General Manager