As a public-private partnership, TechHelp and the National Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) deliver a high return on investment. For every one dollar of federal investment, the MEP national network generates $17.9 in new sales growth for manufacturers and $27.0 in new client investment. This translates into $2.3 billion in new sales annually. For every $1,501 of federal investment, MEP creates or retains one manufacturing job. The NIST MEP Annual Report includes a great summary of system impact.

Idaho Manufacturing Facts

Link to TechHelp 2019 Impact Report

Companies that work with TechHelp are asked by a neutral third-party survey firm about their satisfaction with TechHelp and if their engagement with TechHelp generated any quantifiable impact in the areas of:

  • Cost Savings
  • Investment
  • Jobs Created and Retained
  • New and Retained Sales
From January 2019 Through December of 2019, TechHelp Clients Reported:
  • New Sales – $49.2M
  • Retained Sales – $93M
  • Jobs Created and Retained – 818
  • Cost Savings -$13.5M
  • New Investment – $19.8M
  • Recommend TechHelp – 9.6 (out of 10, n = 55)