Functional Fabrication – Idaho Steel Supercharges Machine Shop with SLS 3D Printing

prox 500 machine imageSince 1918, Idaho Steel has manufactured, maintained and customized food processing equipment. Like most fabricators, Idaho Steel has historically relied on CNC machining for many of their products’ components. The company recently worked with TechHelp Partner, Intermountain 3D to purchase and install a ProX™ 500 Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printer. Idaho Steel uses the new printer in production workflow as a means to create unique, project-specific parts more efficiently and effectively.

During a recent live webinar, Idaho Steel shared their experiences of customization and why 3D printing was the perfect fit and solution to help accelerate production times while delivering durable, complex and high quality production parts.

You can view a recording of the Webinar to get a better understanding of how Idaho Steel:

  • Cut production time from 25 days to less than 4 days for one of their prime applications – customized forming inserts and pistons for their Nex-Gem Former machine that forms potato products in different shapes
  • Reduced part costs by 10x by shifting some previously CNC-machined parts to 3D printed parts
  • Transformed, redesigned and 3D printed a sensor housing for a laser that detects the material level of a hopper or bin and relays it to the control system – yielding major improvements for the customer

In addition to viewing a recording of the webinar, you can access a case study on Idaho Steel’s 3D printing journey and link to more information about the 3D Systems ProX SLS 500 Printer.